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The 999 EMS Research Forum aims to encourage, promote and disseminate research and evidence-based policy and practice in 999 healthcare

Who we are:

  • The 999 EMS Research Forum is a UK based partnership that brings together academics and health-care providers with a research interest in emergency care
  • It has been actively promoting emergency care research since its formation in 1997
  • Board members come from a range of specialities including paramedics and academics
  • The UK Forum does not stand alone but in partnership with the emergency care research forum Paramedics Australasia

Aims of the forum

  • To encourage, promote and disseminate research and evidence-based policy and practice in 999 healthcare
  • To develop links between emergency healthcare practitioners and the research community
  • To run an annual research conference providing an opportunity to disseminate research and run workshops to build research capacity
  • To continue developing international collaborations in pre-hospital care research

What we do

  • Each year the 999 EMS Research Forum puts out an open call for papers; submissions are peer reviewed and selected papers are presented at our annual conference
  • Prizes are awarded for: highest quality research, research most likely to affect practice, most innovative use of routine data and best poster. All prize winners are invited to sit on the board as temporary members for one year
  • The winner of the highest quality research award at each conference is invited, and supported, to present their work internationally at the Paramedics Australasia International conference
  • Papers selected through the peer review process are published in the Emergency Medicine Journal

Annual Conference

Tuesday 29 and tUESDAY 14 June 2022


The 2022 999 EMS Research Forum conference 'All in this together: collaboration in emergency prehospital care research' will be held on Tuesday 29 March 2022 (Day 1 online) and Tuesday 14 June 2022 (Day 2 in person) at Sheffield United Football Club. This conference is in association with the Yorkshire Ambulance Services NHS Trust (YAS), Yorkshire Ambulance Service Charity, and the National Ambulance Steering Group (NARSG). 

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