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Annual Conference 2021-peer-reviewed oral presentations

See the summaries of the four peer-reviewed oral presentations for our 2021 conference

Matt Warren-James, University of the Sunshine Coast 

Levels and Sources of Stress reported by First Year Paramedic Students associated with Their First Ambulance Placement

This presentation will report how levels of stress, anxiety and depression experienced by first year paramedic students changed after their first ambulance placement compared to a control group. It also will identify the main perceived and actual sources of stress they experienced around their first ambulance placement. This will be a useful presentation for clinical mentors, academics and students alike, as we consider the challenges faced by students engaging with their first ambulance placement. 



Vanessa Botan, University of Lincoln

The effects of a leaflet-based intervention, ‘Hypos can strike twice’, on recurrent hypoglycaemic attendances

The study design and results of the leaflet-based intervention “Hypos can strike twice” ran by the East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) between November 2018 and November 2019 will be presented.

The intervention was conducted to prevent ambulance attendances for recurrent hypoglycaemic episodes. Its results, which will be presented in detail, showed that informative leaflets can have a positive effect on reducing the number of repeat ambulance attendances for hypoglycaemic episodes, proving the importance of patient education when managing hypoglycaemia.



Edward Duncan, University of Stirling

An investigation of the clinical decision-making challenges experienced by ambulance clinicians during the management of patients presenting with COVID-19 symptoms

As well as patient impact, COVID-19 also considerably impacts on staff who have been required to make challenging patient care decisions in uncertain circumstances. This study investigated ambulance clinicians’ experiences and use of decision support strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic.





Murray D Smith, University of Lincoln

On the effectiveness and costs of inhaled methoxyflurane versus usual analgesia for prehospital injury and trauma

We study the effectiveness of inhaled methoxyflurane used prehospital to treat trauma patients in moderate to severe pain versus, separately, Entonox® and parenteral analgesics. We will describe the data and the statistical model that underpins our results. We report on efficacy and durations to maximum pain relief. Also, scenario analyses examining durations spent in severe pain will be presented, as too we will include discussion of per patient costs of managing trauma pain with methoxyflurane against comparators.

Annual Conference

Tuesday 23 March 2021, online

Research in prehospital care: Past, pandemic, present & future

The 2021 999 EMS Research Forum conference will take place online on Tuesday 23 March 2021. This conference is brought to you in association with The National Ambulance Research Steering Group (NARSG) and Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust (WAST).

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